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Heavy School Bags Can Occur Back Pains - Back Pain Queens

Back Pains Queens

Backache affects up to 95% of the population at some stage. Children could be damaging their backs by carrying heavy school bags, a new study has found.

As youngsters prepare to go back to school parents and carers are being warned of the dangers of heavy backpacks and the damage they can cause to children’s spines.

The warning comes following a study which looked at why back pain queens in children is on the increase.

Children experiencing back pains queens

Previous studies have shown that almost half of all children of secondary school age experience occasional backache and that back pain during adolescence can mean youngsters are four times more likely to suffer the condition as adults.

As well as carrying heavy school bags, ill-fitting classroom furniture combined with sedentary lifestyles and poor posture means many adolescents could be exposing themselves to back trouble.

Alongside this, the car culture and a passion for computer games have reduced physical activity and linked with poor diet and a high consumption of junk food, inactivity and bad diets have become an accepted way of life.
These habits can encourage poor posture and weight gain and mean that joints and muscles are not worked through their full range and normal length and makes it more difficult for the body to cope with day to day tasks.

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